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SHIQI   SQ  Four advantages

                                                                   Keep the contract and make every detail

A large manufacturer of pipe conveyors and conveyor equipment

Large manufacturers of pipe conveyor and conveyor equipment have strong research and technical force, excellent processing and testing equipment

Through IS09001:2000 quality management system certification and national mandatory 3C certification

Perfect manufacturing equipment

Large-scale hardware equipment workshop, sophisticated equipment, fine management. Standardized stamping shop.

The quality of excellence, customer dedicated service tenet.



Glory, honor, continued success of the enterprise

Our product is based on quality stability and customer satisfaction。 We constantly introduce new products and strive for excellence in terms of "keeping the reputation and emphasizing the contract"。

Heart service, trustworthy

Pre-sale: real combat sales team field survey, determination of competitors and consumer behavior analysis

Sales: success is on the team, the unique customer sharing platform, and team brainstorming, is to discover problems and opportunities in the sale of house, active at terminal pin.

After sale: professional after-sale customer service personnel, regular phone calls to visit consumers, timely feedback consumer needs and product needs, rooted in the consumer market, supporting the national joint insurance service system, service create value, quality to create word of mouth.


High quality products, good quality

The professional and meticulous work left a deep impression on me that the quality of the product is in strict conformity with our standard.


After-sales service worthy of confidence

After comparing many suppliers in the transport machinery industry, we chose the chess machine and worked together for many times...

ABOUT USJiangsu poem chess Machinery Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu poem chess Machinery Co. Ltd. is located is known as the "Pearl of the Yellow Sea" of the Dongtai city of Jiangsu province Taitung SMEs Park Company registered capital of 5 million yuan, is engaged in the transportation equipment, chemical equipment, oil equipment, steel and other accessories production of professional manufacturers, the main products are: screw conveyor, scraper conveyor, belt conveyor, bucket elevator, chain bucket conveyor, chain conveyor, humidifier, condenser, slag scraping machine, magnetic separator, chain, sprocket feeder, gate valves and other products, widely used in chemical industry, machinery, metallurgy, food, medicine, ports and other industries.

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Four large production system, to give you maximum protection
  • Production management

    Production managemen

    Two production base, provide you with the best pipe material, from production capacity.
  • Strength guarantee

    Strength guarantee

    The greatest guarantee to the customer from production capacity and technology.
  • Level quality supervision

    Level quality superv

    The supervisory scope of different levels is narrowed from top to bottom, and each level is responsible for...
  • 6S management

    6S management

    The company adopts the 6S management mode: finishing, rectifying, cleaning, cleaning, attainable and safe。


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